About Karen

Parenting Support Coaching Program with Karen Vincent

Karen Vincent is a Certified Life Coach as well as a Licensed Therapist with a Master’s Degree from Boston University. 


How to Parent A Teen: 3 Powerful Strategies for Parents of Teenagers

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Karen’s expertise in working with parents of teenagers has developed over the last 15 years while working with parents in a variety of Karen Vincent training programs and support workshopssettings including parent workshops, individual coaching, outpatient therapy, therapeutic boarding schools, residential schools and through employee assistance programs.

In addition to working with over 1,000 teenagers and their parents, Karen has consulted for several large organizations developing and facilitating training programs and parent training workshops for professional staff working with teenagers.  These professional staff have included administrators, teachers, therapists and counselors.  Karen has also developed and conducted numerous parenting classes and parent support workshops designed specifically for parents of teenagers. 

Over the years, Karen has witnessed the pain, frustration, fear and heartbreak that parents of teenagers often experience.

Karen has seen the remarkable changes that can take place when parents have the proper support to help them work through the challenges they experience in parenting their teenagers.  Parents of teenagers are often overworked and overwhelmed while trying to deal with the uncertainty and unpredictability of raising a teenager.  Many parents simply feel they do not have the time, tools or energy to take action in a way that can transform their relationship with their teenager.

Karen has worked with parents who come to the coaching process with
many different struggles and worries related to their teen. 

Some of these worries and struggles include the following concerns:Concerns teenagers making poor decisions

  • Concerns that their teenager is negatively impacting their relationship with their spouse or significant other
  • Concerns that their teenager is causing them difficulties in their job because of the chronic worry and stress they are experiencing
  • Concerns that their teenager is “running the show” in the home at the expense of everyone else
  • Concerns that their teenager is engaged in some at-risk behavior
  • Concerns that their teenager does not have respect for them or their rules
  • Concerns that their teenager is depressed, withdrawing or pushing them away
  • Concerns that their teenager is making poor decisions
  • Concerns that their teenager is struggling to form positive friendships
  • Concerns that their teenager is not advancing academically
  • Concerns that their teenager may have a true mental health issue

…And that is only the tip of the iceberg…

Teenagers are complicated and parents frequently need support during these challenging times – this is normal.
While family and friends are great and necessary supports for parents of teenagers, they are often “too close” to the situation to offer objective advice, to help explore the root of the concern and to help parents of teenagers develop targeted action plans that get results. 

Working to facilitate positive change in regards to your teenager is no different than working to facilitate positive change in your health, your business, your financial situation, your weight, etc. 
Getting the right information from a professional, like Karen, who has worked with thousands of teenagers and their parents, and having an action oriented plan for achieving the results you want gets you to where you want to be.  And…it gets you there faster, with more ease and with more confidence.  It helps you keep the momentum and focus you need to achieve your goals.  Karen’s years of experience in seeing what works and what does not work helps parents get the lasting results they want so that the teenage years are not filled with stress, worry, frustration, anger and discord. 

Karen is committed to helping parents of teenagers gain the confidence, the tools and the mindset they need to Restore Peace Of Mind During The Teenage Years.