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Coaching Programs offered by Karen VincentHow To Parent A Teen offers 3 different Coaching Program Packages depending on your current need as the parent of a teenager.  Read below to see where you are Right Now so that you can get the most appropriate and most effective coaching for your current situation. 

By offering 3 levels of coaching programs, we are able to best address your needs and get you the results you desire.  Depending on your current need, we will design a coaching program for you that will address all your parenting concerns with the appropriate level of support, guidance, and follow up to make sure that you stay on track and achieve the results you desire.  

Please read below to identify where you are in your struggles with your teenager TODAY and click on the box that best explains what you are currently experiencing as the parent of a teenager.

How to Parent A Teen
Parenting Support Program
How to Parent A Teen
Parenting Intensive Program
How to Parent A Teen
Couples Intensive Program

Creeping Concerns

Feeling Unsettled

Some worry, frustation or fear

Not sure what to do at times

Chronic Concerns

Chronic frustration or fear

Chronic heartache

Feeling like you don't even know your teenager anymore

Couples Confusion

Chronic disagreement about parenting your teen

Feeling like your relationship is being negatively impacted
by your teenager

“I am having increasing concerns about my teenager’s behaviors, their response to me, their pulling away from me, their increased arguing or disrespect, their change in friends or appearance or their general presentation.  I am not feeling as confident as a parent and feel unprepared for some situations that come up with my teenager. I find myself worrying or feeling more frustrated than I used to with my child.   I want to make sure that things do not get worse and that I address these concerns effectively NOW”


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Parenting Support Coaching

“I feel like I am quickly losing or have lost my teenager.  I worry about them or get so angry with them that sometimes I want to just give up.  It seems like no matter what I do it is wrong or that they blame me for everything.   I am worried they are making mistakes now that will impact them into their future.  I don’t know how things got this bad and it feels overwhelming much of the time. I am not happy with my current situation with my teenager and need things to improve NOW.  I know that things should not be like this but I don’t know what to do about it”

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Parenting Intensive Coaching

“My spouse or partner and I do not agree much of the time about how to parent our teenager.  We fight, resent one another or “give in” behind the other persons back.  We have a lot of increased stress in our relationship because of what is going on with our teenager and it feels like we are not on the same page much of the time.  I don’t feel like we are true partners or that we are working together as a united front at this time.  Both my teenager and my spouse are causing me a lot of frustration and worry and I don’t know what to do but know that I don’t want to continue to feel like this”

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Couples Intensive Coaching