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How to Parent A Teen: 3 Powerful Strategies for Parents of Teenagers

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Working with Karen as our coach has made such a difference for us.  We were not agreeing about how to deal with our 14 year old son’s behavior and we were fighting a lot. 

Our son was putting a wedge between us and knew how to get us to disagree and fight which took the attention off him.  Karen was great at helping us not only see this but then helped us to change it.  She gave us things to try and practice which made all the difference for us. 

Things are so much better now – we “parent as a team” as Karen likes to say and we feel supported by one another. 

We never would have guessed we needed a “coach” for our parenting but I don’t know what we would have done without it since our son is only 14!  Our house is so much calmer and our son is doing so much better because we are consistent and he is no longer testing us the way he used to.

Craig and Linda
Boston, MA

I had been having a bad time for over a year with my daughter who is 16.  I felt like she hated me and her anger towards me was awful. 

Everyone gave me suggestions about what to do, what not to do and tried to tell me why she was the way she was.  I read books and went online and things kept getting worse. 

I was miserable, the fighting was miserable and neither one of us was happy.  She would yell at me and say things that really hurt my feelings but that also made me really mad at her too so then I said things that I should not have to her.

I have a younger child also and I know that things were not good for her because there was so much fighting and tension all the time. 

I found How To Parent A Teen and decided to call and sign up for 3 months of coaching because I was so unhappy and frustrated and embarrassed at how bad things were.  I can only say that I wish I had done it a year earlier. 

Karen understood my situation and it was like she knew my daughter and understood everything she was doing and everything I was doing and feeling.  Things have changed so much.  My daughter and I now actually TALK and have fun together.  I needed the weekly support to get to where we are today so that I would keep working at it  and not give up when frustrated. 

Deanna W.
New York, NY



Karen has worked with parents who come to the coaching process with
many different struggles and worries related to their teen. 

All I can say is that I was scared and frustrated and really thought that my 17 year old daughter was never going to get back on track.  I did not know if what she was doing was normal for kids today but I knew that she was getting into trouble and she did not seem to care – it was like she was a whole different person. 

I cried a lot and yelled a lot too.   A friend of a friend told me about How To Parent A Teen and I decided to give Karen a call.  After talking to her for 10 minutes to find out what she did, I decided to sign up for coaching.

It seemed like Karen had “seen it all” with teenagers and she helped me figure out what was a problem and what I was just overreacting to.  She never told me what my rules should be but helped me figure out what I wanted them to be and then I learned how to make them stick.  I am most grateful that I worked with Karen though because she has a background in therapy with teenagers. 

When we talked about my daughter she saw some “red flags” that something may have happened to her and then she told me what to do about it. 

Things are really good with us now and I feel like I have my kid back.  I know that she needs to grow up and be her own person and that I have to let go of some things (that is what I am working on!) but I trust her and trust that she will let me know if she needs help.  I feel like I am part of her life the way I should be and that we are both going to be OK. 


Dealing with teenagers is harder than I would have ever thought.  Being at work is easier than dealing with having 2 teenagers (13 and 15) at home.  I knew I was giving in and letting them bargain with me because I did not have the energy to deal with the constant requests all the time.  I knew that things were getting worse and that my rules were a joke.

Karen helped me see my own struggles and also see how my kids were able to do what they were doing.  Even though they are pretty good kids – they were wearing me down and I felt like I was not in charge.  Now, I feel strong and they really don’t test me too often. 

I am so glad I did not let things keep getting worse and coaching with Karen is an investment that will last me for years and years to come.

Melanie T
Tampa, FL

I would recommend How To Parent A Teen to any parent of a teenager who is having a hard time.  For me, things quickly got better and I feel like I am a good parent again.  My son and I agree on the rules for our house now and he is following them without all the fighting we used to have.  This is a great resource.

Greenwich, CT