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I work with parents who have one or more concerns that their teenager is:

  • negatively impacting their relationship with their spouse or significant other.
  • causing them difficulties in their job because of the chronic worry and stress they are experiencing.
  • “running the show” in the home at the expense of everyone else.
  • engaging in at-risk behavior.
  • disrespectful of them or their rules.
  • experiencing depression, withdrawing or pushing them away.
  • experiencing anxiety that is interfering with their day to day functioning.
  • making poor decisions.
  • struggling to form positive friendships.
  • under performing academically.
  • experiencing a true mental health issue.

Teenagers are complicated and parents frequently need support during these challenging times – this is normal. While family and friends are great and necessary supports for parents of teenagers, they are often “too close” to the situation to offer objective advice, to help explore the root of the concern and to help parents of teenagers develop targeted action plans that get results. 

Working to facilitate positive change in regards to your teenager is no different than working to facilitate positive change in your health, your business, your financial situation, your weight, etc.  Getting the right information from a professional, who has worked with thousands of teenagers and their parents, and having an action oriented plan for achieving the results you want, gets you to where you want to be.  And…it gets you there faster, with more ease and with more confidence.  It helps you maintain the momentum and focus you need to achieve your goals.

My credentials as both a Therapist and a Life Coach enhance my ability to understand the pain, doubt, frustration and heartache that parents of teenagers often experience, while also providing significant insight into what may be going on for their teenager.  I have seen the remarkable changes that can take place when parents have the proper support to help them work through the challenges they experience in parenting their teenagers.  Parents of teenagers are often overworked and overwhelmed while trying to deal with the uncertainty and unpredictability of raising a teenager. Many parents simply feel they do not have the time, tools or energy to take action in a way that can transform their relationship with their teenagers.  My expertise enables me to create specific, action-oriented plans and products which help parents get results and which help Restore Peace Of Mind During The Teenage Years.

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