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Karen Vincent, CEC, LICSW is a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Therapist, Speaker and Founder of How to Parent A Teen who has worked with hundreds of teenagers and their parents.  In her work, Karen has helped parents of teenagers resolve the  most challenging and heart breaking situations they experience as the parents of teenagers. 

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Frustration in trying to communicate effectively with your teenager
  • Concerns about your teenager’s apparent disregard for your rules
  • Concerns that your teenager is pulling away from you or shutting down from you
  • Worries about your teenager’s poor academic performance or disinterest in school
  • Feeling like you are a “bad parent” or that everything you do is wrong How to Parent a Teen - coaching with Karen Vincent
  • Feeling like you end up “giving in” to your teenager even though you try not to
  • Concerns about changes in your teenager’s attitude, behavior or appearance
  • Confusion about whether your teenager’s behaviors are “normal” or if there is a true problem that needs to be addressed
  • Feeling like you are “losing your cool”, becoming very emotional or acting in a way that is out of character for you due to your ongoing battles with your teenager




If you answered YES to any of the above questions, How To Parent A Teen Coaching Programs and Products are your answer

How to Parent A Teen is designed specifically for parents of teenagers.  Our many content rich coaching resources (many of which are completely FREE) will provide you with Parenting Advice, Parenting Tips, Parenting Support and strategies for improving your overall Parenting Skills specific to teenagers.

Our products and programs will help you:

  • Improve your relationship with your teenager
  • Improve your parenting effectiveness and communication with your teenager
  • Teach you how to effectively address and resolve problem behaviors your teenager is displaying
  • Improve your understanding of what makes your teenager “ tick” and therefore how to most effectively respond to situations in the moment
  • Gain confidence in your parenting skills and style
  • Learn skills to facilitate positive growth and responsibility in your teen

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You don’t have to do this alone…with support you can get your focus, your calmness, your positive relationship and your confidence back!  How To Parent A Teen will help you Restore Peace Of Mind During the Teenager Years. 

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Parenting Teenage Girls

I think an Alien has Invaded My Teenager's Body!

Do you feel like you are living with an Alien? Where has your sweet daughter gone and who is this challenging, emotional girl who has taken her place?????? What I have found is that many parents of teenagers feel this way. They feel like their child is a completely different person once adolescence sets in…and for teenage girls…watch out!! As one of two girls growing up in my family (we were only one year apart so my parents got the double whammy of teenage girls for many years), my parents certainly experienced all the emotions and “drama” that often go along with raising teenage girls. Frequent topics of drama in my home growing up involved who was going to get to use the phone (for hours on end usually), who was borrowing what clothes from the other, who needed a ride where and when, who got to stay out until what time, who was treated more fairly and who was hogging the bathroom while getting ready for school or to go out on the weekends. Looking back, it is amazing how these few topics could lead to so much yelling, crying and door slamming.

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