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Parenting During Covid-19 - Going on Week #4...or it is Week #40?!

Apr 13, 2020

Here we go…week #4 of social distancing. When they first announced that schools would close and that everyone who could, should be working at home, did you think we would be going into a week #4, wearing masks when buying groceries, having 6.6 million Americans apply for unemployment in a single week and still not knowing when this will end?  Me neither!

Are your kids asking you questions you cannot answer? Are they cycling through the stages of grief or cycling in and out of anxiety, fear and boredom?  If so, that is normal.  We are navigating uncharted territory and most of us have not ever lived with this level of uncertainty. What do you do when it is week 4 and we know there will be at least 2 more weeks (very likely longer) to follow? What do you do when we don’t know what this being “done” looks like and what our new normal will be following all of this?  What do you do when your kids keep asking for answers that you don’t...

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Teenagers and Sleep

Apr 07, 2020

What is the right amount of sleep for a teenager to be getting at night?

It is recommended that teenagers get between 8 – 10 hours of sleep per night, ideally 9 hours.  I know...this seems like a lot!  The reason for this is that they are still having a lot of physical, emotional and brain growth which really does require this much sleep on a consistent basis. 

I know that for you, as the parent of a teenager, it can be a struggle to get them to understand this and just as much of a struggle to get them to go to bed early enough that they can sleep for 8 – 10 hours.  As you know, there are multiple things that can impact your teen’s ability to go to bed early earlier.  They often have a lot of homework, have sports or other extra-curricular activities that take place later in the evening and of course teens also want to stay up to watch television or movies, play video games or chat and text with their friends.

If your teen is used to...

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Listening To Your Teenager

Mar 26, 2020

For anyone who has worked with me, you know I focus a lot on the skill of validation with teenagers because I have seen repeatedly how powerful this can be.  Another skill that is powerful with teenagers is listening.  I know…this may seem like a very basic and obvious skill; however, it is not always used as effectively as it can be.  Practicing good listening with teenagers can sometimes be challenging.  The reason this can be a hard skill to use with teenagers is that they often don’t want to talk about anything important with their parents, so when they do decide to open up, feeling heard is important. 

Teenagers shut down from their parents for a variety of reasons.  One major reason is that they don’t think their parent will understand or approve of things going on in their life.  Another reason I have seen a lot, is not as obvious.  The reality is that teens want to be “grown up” and...

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Parenting Teenage Girls

Mar 25, 2020

I think an Alien Has Invaded My Teenager’s Body!

Do you feel like you are living with an Alien? Where has your sweet daughter gone and who is this challenging, emotional girl who has taken her place?! What I have found is that many parents of teenagers feel this way. They feel like their child is a completely different person once adolescence sets, and for teenage girls, watch out!

As one of two girls growing up in my family (we were only one year apart so my parents got the double whammy of teenage girls for many years), my parents certainly experienced all the emotions and “drama” that often goes along with raising teenage girls. Frequent topics of drama in my home growing up involved who was borrowing what clothes from the other, who needed a ride where and when, who got to stay out until what time, who was treated more fairly and who was spending too long in the bathroom while getting ready for school or to go out on the weekends. Looking back, it is amazing...

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